Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry it's been a while since I've written here, I've been a bit busy.

As many of you know, I was chosen to return to Iraq for 6 months next year.  I had only one reason that I didn't want to return to Iraq.  It would be at a time so close to my retirement from the Air Force that it would hinder my ability to find a post-Air Force job.  So, my boss and I talked it over and he decided to see if he could get me out of the deployment.  It worked, and I am not going to Iraq.  Cindy and I are both very happy about that as you can imagine.

Other than that excitement, it's pretty quiet around here.  We're are both busy with our church callings, Cindy in the Primary and me in the Bishopric.  I am also working on my MBA, still.  I am currently taking two classes.  I have three others left, then a final and I'm done!  Can't wait.

We are also preparing for our trip to Utah in a couple of days.  Can't wait for that either.  We are looking forward to the Fail Family Reunion, and then will spend some time relaxing, doing a little pre-house hunting, and maybe a little job hunting while we're at it.

Of course, the biggest event will be when Melissa goes through the Temple for her first time.  We are extremely excited about that and really can't wait for the big day.  It's going to be a family event to remember.