Monday, December 17, 2007

Ortolani Update

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated the blog, but it's getting crazy around here.  Of course we are preparing for Christmas. We have the house decorated, though not as much as we usually do.  It's going to be something of a subdued Christmas this year since our big gift is the Italy trip.  We are looking forward to Melissa getting here on Wednesday. It'll be good to have her home again for a while.

I've been flying quite a bit lately.  We are doing all the checkrides for the 2nd  Bomb Wing's formal inspection that we will be doing in March.  We have to get about 100 checkrides done before then, so I've been flying about twice a week doing that.  They are all no-notice checkrides, which means the aircrew don't know they are getting a checkride until they show up to fly in the morning and we are there to greet them.  It's been going well so far with only a few minor downgrades for the crewdogs.

Well, I'll try to keep this updated better than I have in the past.  Certainly there will be some updates in the following weeks, then when we get back from Italy.  We found out we are going to have to pack very light for this trip, so most likely won't be taking my computer with me, which means no updates while we're there.  But we should have a pic or two to show off when we get back.

Happy Holidays to everyone.  Hope ya'll have a grand time this year.